We at OrientalBritain are proud to announce that 5% of all our profits will be donated to the ShenZhen Dog Protection Association in China.

As many people may know, domestic animals in China aren’t protected under the same laws as here in the UK. This can lead to many dogs being abused, given up, stolen, and in rare cases even eaten.

It’s down to charities such a the SDPA to look after vulnerable and lost dogs, and help protect them when need be.

Every month the SDPA post their finances very clearly on their own website (found below), so we can be sure funds are put to good use.

We love pets, and hope that by giving a portion of our profits to a charity such as this one, we are playing a small part in fighting for animal rights within China.

So you can be sure when you spend generously at OrientalBritain, you are also doing some good for dogs in desperate situations.


OrientalBritain 决定将我们的利益所得的5%捐赠给深圳市犬类保护协会,








SDPA Weixin (Chinese Whatsapp):    SDPA2010

SDPA Weibo (Chinese Twitter):