Here at OrientalBritain, we aim to bring you many weird and wonderful products from across Asia that are otherwise difficult to find in the United Kingdom.


Set up in 2015, we are a privately owned company that pays special attention to detail, ensuring a quality customer experience every time you shop.


Our stock is often changing with current popular sweets and snacks from the far east, and we are always looking to our customers for inspiration. If you have a product you’d like us to stock in the future, head over to the Contact page and let us know!


We are a registered business in the UK, based in Nottinghamshire, and we follow a strict packing process to ensure order accuracy, so you should always get exactly what you order.


Discounts are also available for large orders. This is particularly common with orders placed for sweets and snacks being used in event planning, at weddings, corporate gatherings, and party preparation.


Enjoy your shop here at OrientalBritain, and we hope to see you again soon!